I'll stop the whole world.

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i just realized that although they’d be pretty old by the time the war of the ring was over that bofur, bifur and bombur were all still alive and living in erebor by gloins account (and i doubt theyd have fought in the whole battle of dale+easterlings+erebor that happened during the events of lotr) means i can totally within rights draw fanart of gimli bringing legolas home just to get met with a lot of old dwarves being all HEY NOW I REMEMBER YOU 




*finishes tv show, movie or book*

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It is the height of my disappointment with the universe that even though this fandom knows some things about children’s books (I have seen MULTIPLE rewrites of I Want My Hat Back about the MCU), people have tackled Steve learning about different kinds of art and different styles of animation but not about picturebook illustrations.

Let’s contextualize Steve’s cultural knowledge here for a second. Most of the picturebooks we think of as staples, even if they came out when he was alive, he was probably (A) too old or (B) too poor to really appreciate them. Dr. Seuss’s books started coming out in the late 1930s, but Cat in the Hat wasn’t published til 1957. The Snowy Day was published in 1962; Where the Wild Things Are in 1963. Eric Carle’s first book came out in 1965, with The Very Hungry Caterpillar getting published in 1969.

And then imagine coming into the world now, where our picturebook industry is thriving, where so many amazing artists are working to create complex, inventive stories for children that challenge the very notions of childness, and not only that, but these stories are accessible and affordable. And they’re not reserved just for people who know ~art~, they’re there for everyone.

Imagine Steve not really thinking about children’s books since entering the future. Imagine him going into the children’s section of a bookstore for the first time since getting unfrozen because Sam needs something for his niece, and Sam being basically unable to drag Steve away from the picturebook section. STEVE ROGERS FALLING APART OVER PICTUREBOOKS. GIVE IT TO ME.

You know, Steve Rogers was a fine-arts student specializing in illustration before he enlisted.

I’m just…

…famous-yet-reclusive children’s book author / illustrator, S. Rogers? Famous-yet-reclusive children’s book author / illustrator, S. Rogers.


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I just want all the descendants of the Howling Commandos to be this big, extended, up-in-each-others-business family

and they aren’t all in SHIELD but they all have a rough idea of what’s going on and if one of them shows up in the middle of the night, they’re guaranteed a safe place to sleep, a meal and a scolding

'You better live through this. If you die, your mom'll call my mom and there'll be hell to pay'

I want them to have big “family reunions” every five years where everybody—fuckin’ EVERYBODY—makes it out to some campground or something where they all hang out and have a softball tournament and cut up a sheet cake so big it feeds two hundred people.  That’s when you meet peoples’ new SOs and pass around babies and congratulate kids on their new jobs.

oh god, and if they had the first one five years after the war ended, they’re due for one in 2015, and it’s the first one Steve gets to attend, and he gets there and it’s basically the best/worst experience of his entire life to date, because there are all these people who walk like Jim and grin like Dugan and say their vowels like Falsworth, and they all want to tell him stories about Dad, about Granddad, about Great-Granddad, they want to hear his stories from the war, they want to invite him to college graduations and weddings and christenings, and when he starts to get a little overwhelmed by all of it one of Gabe’s daughters pulls him aside on some pretense and gives him ten minutes to pull himself back together before she gets his email for the howlingfamilies listserv, which she runs.

(oh god, and two hours into it he catches a pack of Dernier kids arguing in rapid French over whether they should tell their parents about the man up a tree at the far edge of the campground that they saw while they were playing hide-and-seek, and Steve walks into the woods with his heart in his throat, and the tree’s empty now but he hears a twig crack behind him, deliberate, because Bucky knows how to walk quieter than that, and when he turns around Bucky looks— well, a hell of a lot better than he did a year ago, a hell of a lot more like himself, even with the shadows still around his eyes and the smile almost wavering at the edges of his mouth.)

 HOWLING COMMANDOSomg the idea of them being like a network or a reseau like thatis just perfect,they’re not all in shield but they have lots of ressources,they might not be agentsbut they’re not exactly civilians eithersome of them are perfectly ordinary office workers who know exactly what kind of spy business shit is going on behind the latest alien attackperfectly ordinary desk workers who know how to shoot like peggyand they’re a group of determined and kickass peopleall super protective of one anotherand they know what a legacy meansand they’re basically a big familyjim’s granddaughter is arguing with dum dum’s daughter’s cousin’s son like they’re siblingspeople are speaking and yelling at each other in at least three different languages at any given timemcui want this so badi want cap to discover them and then they all take care of him and make him feel like he’s family and they all look out for him in their own little waysand ahhh.

and the people who get bussed out to cities they’ve never been to before because they can’t afford medical or dental care but the network has doctors and will get you there

and how it’s slightly cheaper for them to go to college pretty much anywhere because there’s family in the area they can live with

and how if you go off the rails and start getting in to deep there are people who will come find you and drag you home

Every once in a while some kid is like OMG I LOVE YOU ALL BUT I AM RUNNING AWAY TO AFRICA BECAUSE GAH. (Or possibly even I HATE YOU ALL AND I’M RUNNING AWAY TO ICELAND.) (Once in a while I AM RUNNING AWAY TO KOREA AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU AT ALL.) And this is okay. I mean, it’s very sad. But it’s okay. … but they still get care-packages, and someone who works in international diplomacy is tasked to just keep a GENERAL eye on them and make sure they’ve got, you know, money and food. (A roof over their head is variable. I mean, maybe they like bush-living. That’s fine. But money and food, that’s necessary.)

and Natasha’s first mission as a SHIELD agent is to fish this kid out of a serious situation in South America and she has no idea why cause this kid is a no-body and the trouble he’s in is in no way something SHIELD should give a shit about but Fury muttered something about ‘family is family’ and ‘never gonna get any dumplings again’

so Natasha does the job and now there’s a restaurant in the Bronx that always gives her free food and she’s not entirely sure why

but it is great food

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Marvel women in business, science and political focus articles

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Richard: Have care of how you speak. Lymond is beyond reason but he is my brother.
Andrew Hunter: He set your mother's castle on fire.
Richard: He's my half-brother.
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"Chris and Chris, this is like a radio show!"


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what if u walked into class and the substitute teacher was ur icon

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Dat thousand mile glare.


Dat thousand mile glare.

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ob screencaps: 11/?

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idk I think small gestures like brushing hair gently off forehead, touching a cheek or playing with someone’s earrings are all super intimate and cute things.

and with Bucky being back (all confused, poor devil) Steve would be really careful and always make sure that it’s ok for him to make small tender gestures like that. and he’d do nothing that Bucky would find intimidating, always ready to back off if he feels insecure. so far it’s all been fine. I’m crying about 95-year-old boyfriends and this isn’t fair.

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sherlock characters + tropes [1/9]: jim moriarty

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[Image: A stylized image of Groot in a pot, dancing.]

Dancing Baby Groot!


[Image: A stylized image of Groot in a pot, dancing.]


Dancing Baby Groot!

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